The Year in Review

On the off chance that you are not my mother and therefore have not read every single post this year (Thanks, Mom!!!), here are some Happy Healthy Belly Highlights from 2011...

There were detoxes, detoxes and more detoxes.
Followed by cheating, cheating and more cheating.

I lost 20 pounds.  (Not those kinds of pounds…)

I made organic vegan meals for $2.36.
I bought juice for $92.43.

There was hot yoga, Nina's spin and lunch with Tracy Anderson.

There were workout videos.  Tons of workout videos.
And Lululemon fun. Tons of Lululemon fun.

I begged you to cut the cheese...
And the yogurt.
And the meat.

I told you about the easiest diet change ever.
And the hardest.

Erin won big.  Cara got Clean.  John was a good sport. 
A very good sport…

There were recipes, videos and bossy books.
As well as snacks, treats and, yep, more cheats.

We broke our bad.
We freed our minds.
We changed the world…one belly at a time.

-♥ J :)
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