I want these workout videos...

In addition to eating our weight in pasta last weekend, John and I had a visit from Steve and Charli.  While Steve and John were off discussing something of substance, Charli and I drank vodka smoothies and googled exercise videos. (Don't judge my fun…)  We furiously debated the cost of workout videos and plotted our next exercise adventure.  Charli's video spending limit caps off at $30. ( "I am NOT spending more than that!!!  Don't be ridiculous!!!") I, however, will spare no expense when it comes to working out…and have the video collection to prove it.  After my last purchase of Tracy Anderson's Metamorphosis, I banned myself from buying anymore videos.  However, these videos are so enticing that I can feel my resolve weakening.  What do you think??  Which one would you try??  Or are you like Erin who HATES working out in the house??

-♥ J :)

P.S.  Looking for a FREE workout???  In celebration of their opening week, Moksha Yoga LA is offering FREE hot yoga from Sept. 17th- Sept. 23rd!!!  They are also having a huge pre-opening sale on selected yoga packages.  Check them out HERE.

1.  Ballet Beautiful
This video's creator Mary Helen Bowers trained Natalie Portman for Black Swan.  Ballet Beautiful claims to make "the elusive shape of a ballerina'a body..attainable for everyone."  Honestly, they had my money at "ballet." At an affordable $21.99, even Charli is willing to give this one a whirl.

The before and afters on this infomercial are pretty impressive.  The Brazil Butt Lift Workout claims to have "secret triangle training" that uses "specific angles of movement to target and sculpt specific areas of your butt, hips and thighs".  Sounds like a fancy way of saying you'll be doing a truck load of butt exercises.  This workout is a little over $60, but you get six different videos as well as a bunch of free gifts.

3. Insanity
I think the name sums it up.  A 60-day total body conditioning program, Insanity touts itself as an "extreme home workout dvd."  No weights or equipment needed for these 45 minute videos.  Insanity uses your own body weight to get you "the hardest body you've ever had."   This system comes with ten videos (plus four free gifts) and will cost you $120.  Well…it will cost me $120, because I know eventually I will wind up ordering it.  That's right.  I am just that insane. :)

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