The 30 Minute Workout Theory (Part 2)

Good afternoon, Veggies!!  How are we all doing this fine Tuesday after Thanksgiving???  I hope everyone had a relaxing, food and fun filled weekend.  Hey…what's that I see in the distance??  Why…it's a wagon.  Let's hop back on it, shall we??

Now where did we leave off???  Oh, yes.  My favorite 30 minute workout videos.  I have certain criteria for a good 30 minute workout.  First and foremost, the video has to be a challenge.  If I am going to go through the trouble of changing into workout clothes, I need to break some sort of a sweat.  If I don't feel like the workout is doing anything, I'd rather drink my coffee and watch The View.  Next, the workout should require very little equipment.  If I have to spend fifteen extra minutes hauling out some contraption (I'm looking at you Fluidity Bar…) it's not worth it to me.  Finally, the video can't be annoying.  That means no annoying instructors, no annoying music and no annoying weirdo moves.  It should be noted that each person's "annoying" threshold is a very individual thing. What I find tolerable might make you want to punch the television.  That being said, the following DVD's are some of my favorites.

-♥ J :)

Best All Around: Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson
Required equipment: yoga mat, 3lb. weights, sneakers
Price: $89.97

My love of the Tracy Anderson workout is well documented.  Her latest incarnation is a 90 day program consisting of nine 30 minute muscular structure workouts and one 30 minute cardio workout.  To achieve maximum results, Tracy wants you to do the muscular structure and cardio workouts together.  But just between you and me…when I am pressed for time, I'll do muscular structure one day and cardio the next.  At $90 Metamorphosis is pricier than the other videos, but for that money you get ten different workouts.  That breaks down to less than $10 per workout.  Besides this is the only workout where I have actually seen the shape of my body change.  I'll pay $90 for that!!  Can't recommend it enough. 

Best Butt and Thigh: Physique 57 Express 30 Minute Full Body Workout
Required equipment: high back chair, exercise ball (sold on website)
Price: $24.95

The express version of the one hour Physique 57 workout, this video is not for the faint of thigh.  I've been doing this video for over a year and I still have to take breaks during some of the moves.  Ballet inspired, this workout quite literally kicks your butt.  When Charli and I did this video for the first time at the end she shouted, "That was the short version?!?!  I don't even want to know what the 1 hour workout is like!!"  If you do want to know what the 1 hour workout is like, you can check that out HERE.

Best Yoga: Jillian Micheals-Yoga Meltdown
Required equipment: yoga mat
Price: $12.99

This workout is great, but don't come to it looking for yogi spiritual enlightenment.  Jillian doesn't even give you so much as a parting "namaste."  This is more "exercise" yoga.  Some of you may like it for that reason...some of you may hate it for that reason.  I like it because you work up a sweat, it has fantastic core work and you get two 30 minute workouts on one dvd.  As for inner peace…eh…not so much.

Best Circuit Training: Jillian Micheals- 30 Day Shred
Required equipment: 3lb. weights, sneakers
Price: $10.99

Some days you just want to do some old school jumping jacks, sit-ups and push-ups.   This workout is for those days.  Basic but not boring, this DVD includes three separate workouts.   Each workout uses a 3-2-1 circuit training method: 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs.  This workout is Erin's favorite of the bunch.  She also wanted me to tell you that she loves Jillian Micheals-Ripped in 30 (which I haven't tried yet).

P.S.  For great tips from Leo about how to get back on track after the holiday click HERE.
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