Mexican, Margaritas and Me...Oh, My!

Last night we went to Mas Malo in downtown Los Angeles for Sophie's birthday party.  This party was Matt's major objection to me starting my detox this week.

"You can't detox!!!  We're supposed to have mexican and margaritas!!!"

But my feeling is if you wait for your schedule to be perfectly clear before starting a nutrition program you'll never start one.  You will never find the perfect time.  Life marches on regardless of how many salads you've committed to eating.  Besides, I was actually curious to see if I could (sort of) stick to the detox and still have fun.  
Let's do a little Monday morning quarterbacking, shall we?

I could have eaten less chips.

Alright, a lot less chips.

And I could have not accidentally eaten the salsa with cream:
Me: "You tell me it's hot, but you don't tell me there is cream in it?!"
Matt: "Um...the menu does say Burnt Habanero and Creme."

I could have not had the margarita.  

Eh, who I am kidding??
I was having a margarita.  

I had a yummy chopped salad.

Which I was too stuffed from chips to finish.

Mas Malo has a surprising number of vegan dishes on their menu.  I need to go back soon so that I can try the Vegan Menudo and the Vegan Soyrizo Pambazo.  They also have delicious sounding Cucumber Slices with Ghost Chili Salt to go with the guacamole.  I meant to order those but, in my chip frenzy, I forgot.

All in all not too much damage to report.  But, detox or not, I knew I would have fun at Sophie's birthday party.  Sophie is the kind of girl who turns everything into a fun time and generally makes the world a better, happier place to be.  Getting to have a margarita too is just the caramel on the flan.
Love you, Soph!!!  May this year bring you all that you want and more!!!

-♥ J :)
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