Happy HALLOWEEN Belly at Lululemon Part 1

This past Sunday the lovely folks over at Lululemon Athletica Beverly Hills were kind enough to have me back for another after yoga snack session.  Since it was the day before Halloween, I decided to make the yogis some of my favorite vegan Halloween treats. 

I made Vegan Peanut Butter Cups and Vegan Caramel Corn. 

  We drank Pumpkin Smoothies and raffled off the cookbook that inspired the recipe. I also raffled off this festive Happy Halloween Belly T-shirt. 
Congrats Tilita and Cheryl!!!

I've said it before, but I'll say it again (and again) hanging out at Lululemon is one of the coolest ways to spend a Sunday morning.  Lululemon's in store events focus on nurturing strong ties to the local community.  Whether it's Run Club or FREE yoga or nutrition lessons, these events foster a sense of communal wellness that stretches far beyond the store's perimeter.  And they have the most adorable clothes.  I mean, have you seen this top???  Ridiculous.  Be sure to like the Lululemon Beverly Hills Facebook page to stay up to date on their latest events.  And...umm...while you are on Facebook...maybe give the Happy Healthy Belly Facebook page a "like", too.

-♥ J :)

*Next up:  The recipes!!!
**A VERY special thanks to Charli, Steve and John.  You get up early, carry heavy things, taste peanut butter when you don't want to, agree to do crafts on the same night as game seven of the World Series and I love you for it. 
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