My Top 5 Favorite Snacks

Marysa emailed me earlier in the week asking for some snack ideas.  I am not a big fan of snacking.  In a perfect world we would all eat three meals a day in a civilized setting at a slow pace with good company and great wine.  In a perfect world…or you know…France.  But, alas, the world is not perfect and I am not French and I often have to eat in my car.  Such is life.  Here are my Go-To snacks when real life eclipses my French day dream:

1. Lara Bars or Pure Bars
I don't like "food" bars.  Most of them are just glorified candy bars full of dairy, sugar and chemicals.  These two are the exception.  They are raw, vegan, gluten-free and made of actual food.  I literally have one of these in my bag at all times.

2. Trader Joe's Nut Packs
That's not their real name.  That's just what John and I call them.  They are the pre-portioned packs of Trader Joe's Trail Mix.  These, also, are always in my bag.  Always.

3. Raw Cucumber and Carrot Sticks
Unglamorous. Utilitarian.  The dieter's cliche.  But I still contend this is the best thing that you can have as a snack.  For 3 reasons:
1. They are portable.  
2. They automatically up your veggie quotient for the day.
3. They are a litmus test as to whether you are really hungry or just looking to have a party in your mouth.  I always say if you are not hungry enough to eat a carrot then you are probably not really hungry.  Fun the veggies up by eating them with salsa, hummus or Faux-a-mole (avocado mushed up with garlic powder and lemon pepper).

4. Trader Joe's Organic Popcorn (2 cups)
This is my late night snack.  Try it sprinkled with Parma Vegan Parmesan or Braggs Liquid Aminos if you are in the mood for something savory.  Sprinkle it with cinnamon and Nu Naturals Stevia if you're craving sweet.

5. Romaine Lettuce Wraps
These work great as a lunch, too.  Take a large romaine leaf and layer it with your ingredients.  Fold in half like a taco and enjoy!  Here are some ingredient ideas:

-romaine with almond butter and honey (sounds weird, but is SO good!)
-romaine with hummus, tomato and cucumber
-romaine with mustard, tomato and avocado

Now we all know that I am vegan and greatly encourage all things vegan, but since I know that many of you readers are not vegan…

Here's a little tip: 
Romaine Lettuce Wraps are a great answer to the food combining question "What do I do with deli meat if I can't have sandwiches?"  Two of those wraps (hint: not the almond butter one…) would work great with say…turkey.  
But you did not hear that from me.  
Because I'm a vegan.
And I think turkeys are friends...not snacks.

-♥ J :)
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