My Lunch with* Tracy Anderson (*Term "with" may not apply…)

This weekend John and I traveled out of town for our friends' wedding.  Saturday afternoon, as we sat down to a quick lunch before the ceremony, John turned to me and said, "Hey, isn't that your hero?"  My first thought was, "My mom is here?!?"  But as I turned around I saw that our fellow luncher was not my mom but rather my guru, my motivator, the voice in my head telling me to work out…Tracy Anderson.  The reason that John recognized Tracy so easily is because he has stared at her face in our living room at least 5 days a week for the better part of the year.

John: "You should say something to her."
Me: "NO!!"
John:  "What?!  Why not?!  You love her DVDS!  You think she is terrific!  She would want to hear that!"
Me:  "No!  Stop it!  I am not doing that."
I wasn't going to do that for two reasons:

1. I do not believe that just because somebody is a celebrity it gives you free reign to assault them with any musings that you have deemed important.  I didn't know Tracy personally.  She was by definition a stranger.  Would I walk up to another stranger eating lunch at the restaurant and tell them how much better I thought my butt looked since the beginning of the year?  No.  No, I would not.  And while it is true that Tracy is in fact responsible for making my butt look better, that does not mean she would want to discuss my butt while having a lovely afternoon with her friends.

2. I feared that she would take one look at me and know that I have been cheating on the cardio.

"You are ridiculous," John grumbled before turning his attention back to his chicken fingers.  "People like to hear nice things."  Our lunch proceeded as planned until I happened to glance up and see Tracy leaving the restaurant.  Out of nowhere I heard someone shout, "Tracy!!!" Geez…who was that weirdo causing a scene???  Much to my humiliation, I realized that it was me.  I was the weirdo.  My mouth (who often has a mind of her own) decided that John was right and Tracy should know how great I thought she was.

Tracy looked back at me. "Hi!" she said cheerily as she bound over to our table.  She was actually coming over to our table.   Not only that, but she was headed to our table with the enthusiasm of someone who had just recognized an old friend from summer camp.

"Hi.  I'm Jen and I just wanted to tell you that I love your workouts and I think that you are fantastic," I blurtedI told her how her workout is the BEST workout I've ever done and how it is the only workout where I've actually seen the shape of my body change and regardless of how I look, when I do her workout I FEEL my best and stand straighter and face the world with the kind of confidence that comes from feeling at home in your own skin. 

We went on to talk about her new program Metamorphosis and how excited she is to finally bring the type of workout that she does with her private clients to the masses.  We talked about my friend who just had twins and how her method would help her.  She beamed proud mama pride about how one of her clients has lost twenty pounds under her instruction.  We talked about how her method is not about trying to force every woman to look one way, but rather about celebrating all of our different and equally beautiful bodies.  Quite simply, she could not have been sweeter.

Tracy went on her way, but left behind an inspirational glow that renewed my zeal for working out.  She truly makes you feel like you can and deserve to be the best, healthiest version of who you were meant to be.  And if she noticed that I cheat at cardio, she was gracious enough not to mention it. 

-♥ J :)

P.S. To find out more about Metamorphosis click HERE.

P.P.S.  BIG congratulations to my dear friends Julia and Gary on their lovely wedding this weekend!!!!  Your wedding was as heart warming, fun and full of love as the two of you are!!!!  Love you guys!!!
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