Spring Detox Day 1: Expectation vs. Reality

Expectation:  Today is the day I quit coffee.  How exciting it will be to finally get all my energy from the Sun's universal life giving power.  I will drink in the day with new eyes, finally clear headed and pure of heart.  I will have hot water with lemon.
Reality:  Not a chance.  It's 8:30am.  I've woken up late and I'm still exhausted.  I compromise and decide to not have my coffee right away.  I last four minutes.

Expectation: Exercise is my friend.  It will get my chi flowing in such a way that brilliant ideas will bubble forth like a well timed geyser.  I will greet the day with my cup full of creative possibility.
Reality:  The couch is my friend.  I sit there beyond the point of reason.  I finally change into my workout clothes, pop in a Tracy Anderson DVD and lace up my sneakers.  Being so close to actually working out sends me back to the couch…where I call Erin.  I beg her to stay on the phone with me until I feel like working out.  We're on the phone for an hour and a half.

Expectation: Time to post about Clean.  I will explain all of the programs virtues in an artful yet comprehensive manner.  People will finally understand the merits of giving their digestion a break and ridding their body of potentially harmful allergens.
Reality:  I got nothin'.  Every thing I write sounds like I'm describing the Slim Fast Diet.  I heat up more of the coffee I'm not supposed to be drinking.

Expectation:  My To Do list is my bitch.  I am a moving, shaking warrior princess of accomplishment.  I contemplate running for congress.
Reality:  My To Do list is laughing at me.  It's shouting, "Hey, 'warrior princess'….why don't you spend some more time checking Facebook.  Maybe someone posted a dancing cat video on your wall."

Expectation:  Day 1 of the detox is a huge success.  I already feel my soul a buzz with the interconnected light of all being.  I am one day closer to peace and total balance.
Reality:  Hmmm…coffee good.

-♥ J :)

P.S.  Rough start notwithstanding, I will have my food log up later today.  (She says optimistically...)
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