Detox...The Sequel.

Oooh, Veggies…don't get me started.  
Don't get me started cleaning and organizing and shredding 5 year old bins of paper like I did last week.  
'Cause once I get started, I start getting all kinds of crazy ideas…

Ideas like: "Hey, we never really finished that detox two months ago." 
Ideas like: "The beginning of summer is the perfect time to try it again!"  
Ideas like: "I'm going to call Sophie, Matt and Erin and tell them that (since we all bailed on the last onewe should start a new detox!!!  And we should start it next Tuesday, July 5th!!!  This time, rather than our intention solely being on nutrition, we can focus on the broader idea of simplicity.  We can simplify our eating habits…our homes, our wardrobes, our lives!!!  For the whole month of July we'll strip away all of our physical and metaphorical clutter, leaving only the purest essence of the lives we want to live.  They'll be so excited!!!"

Sophie said, "Nope.  I'll read about you doing it, though."
Matt said, "July 5th is the day before Sophie's birthday!!  We're supposed to get mexican and margaritas!!!"
Erin said, "You know I'm going to New Orleans, right?"

Ok.  That was not exactly the reaction I was hoping for.  
But I am unfazed!  July 5th it is!  I'm going to make shopping lists and sample menus.  I'll even include some of my own food journals. (To keep me honest…)  The whole thing will be so simple it's not even going to feel like a detox!  But it…you know…is a detox.  And it starts July 5th!!!  

Want to join in the detoxing fun???  Or just want to read about me doing it and then have a chat???  
Click HERE for the Happy Healthy Belly Facebook page.  Hit "Like" and then we can yap about all our questions, concerns, recipe ideas and organization tips.   I would love to here from you!!!  Things like this are always way more fun when you do them with a group.  Like I've always said….United We Stand…divided we eat cake frosting from the tub.

-♥ J :)
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