Junk-Free Junk Food

Tuesday's trip to Whole Foods yielded three new members to the "I am so obsessed with these foods I want to eat them all day long" club.   I am geekily excited about them.  I hope that you will share in my geekdom, as well.  

My love of coconut ice cream is well documented, but normally it has tons of added sugar.  If you have a tendency to eat a pint in one sitting (ahem…like I do), that can be problematic.  Introducing So Delicious No Sugar Added Coconut Milk Ice Cream!  Just as creamy and yummy just not overly sweet.  Which I actually like better.

Full disclosure:  These are the crack equivalent of cookies. High addictive, hard to quit and could lead you to disown your friends and family just to get one more fix.  Proceed with caution.  Even though they are wheat-free (though not gluten-free) and dairy-free, they should not by any means be considered good for you.   But they are delicious!  Crumble them up and put them on the vanilla coconut ice cream for a homemade Cookies and Cream treat.  Or, like I did yesterday, have 4 for breakfast, 2 after lunch and then crumble them over the ice cream for dessert at midnight.  
No, don't do that.  That is terrible advice.

Oh, happy day!!!  Vegenaise has FINALLY come out with a soy-free version of their popular dressing and sandwich spread.  Since soy and my stomach are not friends, this development opens up a whole new world of cooking possibilities for me.  Hello, Soy-Free-Dairy-Free Ranch Dressing.  My name is Jen. 

-♥ J :)
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