It's June 1st…Do you know where your butt is?

Kirsch working out with Heidi Klum. 

I do.  I know this because on Regis and Kelly this morning "trainer to the stars" David Kirsch had everyone do a little experiment.  The experiment was supposed to show you what parts of your body needed to be toned up.  It went as follows:

Jump up and down.  When you stop jumping, notice which parts of your body keep on "jumping" without you.

"Well, this is just ridiculous," I thought. "I am not an anorexic middle schooler or being hazed in a sorority.  Why would any self respecting person do such a thing???"  Oh, yes…I thought that the whole time I was jumping away with Mr. Kirsch and continued to think that when I stopped jumping…and my butt didn't.

So, that was new information.

Fortunately, Charli has asked me if I want to start working out with her in the mornings.  Next week the two of us are going to start this workout.  I ordered it a month ago, but have only done it a handful of times.  It's a 90 day program that comes with a big 'ole imposing chart to track your progress.  Even though I LOVE charts and lists and all things organization, the idea of doing something for 90 days in a row kinda makes me want to take a nap.  (I bought P90x and lasted a week…) I'll let you know how it goes.  My goal is to stick it out for the next 21 days.  I owe my butt at least that much…

-♥ J :)
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