Workin' It

Welcome to Monday, Veggies!
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and is well rested for the week ahead because….
This week at Happy Healthy Belly we will be talking all things fitness!!!
Give it up for the fit-to-the-ness!!!
Yaaaay, fitness!!!
(Yep…a little too much coffee this morning…)

Coming up:
-She got booted in the first round of her school's "Biggest Loser" competition, but that didn't stop Erin from turning that loss into a big honkin' win.  We'll find out how Erin lost more than 15lbs. while working two jobs, getting her master's degree and keeping a (very) active social schedule.

-Tracy Anderson's workout.  Will it get your butt tight or is it nothing but hype???  Charli and I weigh in.  (Metaphorically speaking.  We are not weighing ourselves.  That would be silly.)


-The story of the four minute mile.  Are limits only in your mind? (That's right.  I'm getting all Zen on your be-hinds…)

Stay tuned!!!
-♥ J :)
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