Calling all Virgins!!!

Veggie Grill virgins, that is.  
(What were you thinking???)

It's Veggie Grill Virgin Day at the new LA Farmers Market location (next to The Grove).  Bring in a friend who has yet to experience the vegan wonder that is Veggie Grill and your very lucky friend gets their meal for free! 

I met Julia and our VG Virgin Gary there for lunch today.  Julia and I both had the "All Hail Kale" salad (my favorite!!!) and Gary had the "VG Cheeseburger."  Not only did he say that the burger was "delicious!", but afterwards he remarked how full and satisfied he felt…not how he feels after eating a "real burger." Gary is a man who loves meat and the truth, so if he gives it the (green)thumbs up, you know it is good!

Ok, time is running out.

Grab your virgin and go!  
I'm serious. 
They close at 10pm! 
Stop reading. 

Don't live near a Veggie Grill???

Fear not, Veggies.  I wouldn't leave you kale-less and sad.
Try this scrumptious kale salad recipe.  Guy recommend it to me last year and I've been hooked ever since.  

-♥  J :)
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