"To-Do" or not "To-Do"...

Good Monday, Veggies!

This morning I'm feeling quite overwhelmed by my very hearty and definitely urgent To-Do list.  The fact that I picked today to quit coffee (yes…again) is not helping matters.

So while I go tame the beast otherwise known as "responsibility", I'll leave you with this lovely video by Marie Forleo.  Marie is the force of nature behind the uber successful Rich, Happy and Hot Live franchise.  She strikes me as the type of girl who you would want to plan your bachelorette party…and help you with your taxes.  I'll take advice from anyone who can pull off that dynamic.

-♥ J :)

p.s. Writing without coffee is SO much harder.
p.p.s. This site won't help your productivity.  But the laughs are worth the time wasted.
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