Watch and Learn

First watch this video of Mark Hyman speaking about functional medicine at TedMed 2010.

Notable Quote:
"If you are standing on a tack it takes a lot of  aspirin to make you feel better.  And if you are standing on two tacks, taking one out won't make you 50% better…You have to deal with everything….You can take the blue pills, the red pills, the green pills and go to specialist after specialist when you get sick or you can step into 21st century medicine and work to find the causes of disease and the mechanisms and look at the patterns that connect everything together."

Then click HERE to learn how to cuddle from John Stamos.

Notable quote:
"Be careful not to let your arms get trapped beneath your special gal.  This is worse than death."

Happy weekend, Veggies!!!

-♥ J :)

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