Hey, it's August 1st….

That means The Simple Summer Strip Down is over, right???
That means we can go back to driving our fuel inefficient cars to the mall to buy things we don't need, while eating processed food in excessive packaging and tossing plastic water bottles from the window, right???  
That means we are headed to Vegas, yes???

Oh, Veggies.  
I wouldn't do that to you.  
We are having too much fun to stop now!
Because of the overwhelming demand (from me), I hereby decree that….

The Simple Summer Strip Down is extended!!!
One more month of tossing the junk that is sludging up our lives!!! 

Coming up this month:
-A guide to simplifying your wardrobe
-The Simple Summer Workout 
-The Cheaters Detox
-"I Wish I Could Quit You"
-And more!!!

Fasten your seat belts, Veggies.  We are gonna rock August so hard it's gonna think it's July!!!** 

-♥ J :)

(**Yeah, I have know idea what that means…)
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