It's getting real in the Whole Foods parking lot...

Oh, Whole Foods.  How do I love thee???  Let me count the ways….
  1. You have the most delicious, nutritious, fantastically, wonderful, surprisingly fun foods that any veggie lover could ask for.
  2. See number one.
Here are my latest finds.  If I were any more obsessed with them, they would need a restraining order.

Cashewtopia Gelato 
Most kinds of ice cream (dairy and non-dairy alike) bother my mother's stomach.  It is because of this, that I will not rest…not rest, I tell you(!!!)…until I have found a brand for her that is as pleasing to the palate as it is to her sensitive belly.  Even if I HAVE to try every single brand of non-dairy ice cream in the western hemisphere (Ow...ow...stop twisting my arm!), I will persevere until my mission is accomplished .  Cashewtopia is the new front runner in my quest.  It is an organic, non-dairy low-glycemic frozen dessert made from raw, organic cashews.  It has no processed sugar, dairy, eggs, soy, wheat, gluten and GMOs. And it is delicious.  Helpful hint: Let it soften for a couple of minutes before you dive in.  Hmmm...so. good.

Eden Foods 100% Buckwheat Soba Noodles and Sea Tangle Kelp Noodles
I've been on a noodle kick lately.  (Remember last week's gluten-free spinach spaghetti with faux-pesto???)  This week my attention has turned to buckwheat noodles and kelp noodles.  

Despite what the name would lead you to believe, buckwheat noodles (the 100% buckwheat kind..) are not wheat.  They are easily digestible, incredibly delicious and work great in soups or salads.  Be sure to follow the package instructions carefully when cooking.  Not doing so may cause your water to boil over, resulting in a huge mess and fits of pointing and laughter from your husband.

As for the kelp noodles, they are admittedly a little sci-fi.  They are translucent, crunchy and look as if they are a character in the movie The Abyss.  But I think they are so fun!!!  I mix them with hummus and then plop them on top of a salad. 

Evergreen Frozen Wheatgrass Juice
I love green juice but it can be expensive or time consuming or both.  That is why I use this trick when I'm in need of a quick green juice fix.  I let two cubes of frozen wheatgrass dissolve in a glass of room temperature water.  I garnish it with a squeeze of lemon and…Voila!  Green juice in under 5 minutes.  At about $1 a cube, that works out to $2 per glass.  And I don't have to clean the juicer…which is always a good thing.

-♥ J :)
P.S.  Have you seen this video???  Hilarious.
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