Cinco de Detox

Live it up, Veggies!  Get your margarita lovin', chip poundin', guacamole inhaling party on because Spring Detox 2011 starts on Monday.

In honor of Cinco de Mayo I will give you the top five reasons that I think you should join me in the detox:

  1. It will change your life.  Even the smallest deviation from the norm can set off a chain reaction of such epic proportion that you could find yourself propelled into an unbridled sea of learning, growth and wisdom from which you will never view your world with the same sheltered eyes.
  2. Summer's coming.  Nuff said.
  3. You feel stuck, tired, bored, disappointed, jilted, heavy, sad, broke and despondent.  Or you have recently spent the weekend in Las Vegas.
  4. It will be an adventure!  You have the rest of your life to eat any 'ole way you please.  Haven't you ever been curious about what it would feel like to be a lean, mean energy machine?  Don't you want to unlock the magic potential that is hidden inside your beautiful gift of a body?  When we dwell in possibility and challenge ourselves to greatness there is no limit to what can be achieved.
  5. Your name is Matt, Sophie or Erin and I'm forcing you to.

-♥ J :)
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