Guest Post: Viva La Food Revolution!

From the moment I saw the commercials a few weeks back, I knew that I wanted to write about Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.

Especially since this season hits close to home - literally. The fantastic Mr. Oliver brought his campaign for sane food to our very own City of Angels.

Welcome to Los Angeles, drive-thru capital of the world!

So, after last night's episode, write I did. I wrote a good long page all about the evils of packaged foods and how dire the situation is for our nation's children. Don't get me started on the flavored milk debacle. Or the dairy lobby. Or the meat industry. And on, and on.

And then, I put it aside and opened a fresh page.

I decided to spare you, my veggies, as Jen would say.

Instead of preaching to the choir, I'll simply say, "What can we do?"

What can we do? What can I do? What can you do?

For starters, you can watch the show. Watch with your family. Watch with your neighbors. Becoming informed is as easy as tuning in, Tuesday nights at 8:00pm EST/PST, on ABC (check your local listings!). Who knew that simply watching TV could make all the difference?

If watching doesn't feel like enough, you can take the next step by signing Jamie's petition - click here, and lend your name to the thousands who support bringing good food to America's schools.

Stay tuned here at Happy Healthy Belly, as well. We will keep searching for ways we can all get involved in the fight to feed kids just what they deserve - real, healthy food.

Let us know your thoughts on the Food Revolution! Tweet us at @hhbelly, email us at happyhealthybelly@gmail.com, or post a comment right here on the blog!

Happy Children, Happy Parents, Happy World. Happy Healthy Belly.

xo - Sarah (www.sarahis30andcounting.blogspot.com)
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