Guest Post: Bag it.

If you look at the driver's seat of my car, you'll see evidence of snacking - remnants of nuts, the odd raisin or two, and maybe even a whole cracker. It's not something that I'm proud of.
I car-eat. A lot.

I carry food and water with me everywhere I go. No, I'm not preparing for the apocalypse, although my dad would be proud if I was. I just don't like to get caught with my pants down, snack-wise. If I get too thirsty or hungry, I get....um....cranky. (And that's putting it politely.)

For Christmas this year, my best friend Erica** gave me these:

Washable, re-usable, 100% organic cotton 'baggies'. I don't go anywhere without them. They seal up with velcro and travel like a dream! These adorable, earth-saving bags may not make me a neater eater, but they do fit in my purse and help cut down on the use of plastic bags - and we all know that's a good thing!

Check out Graze Organic's site to get your own planet-saving-snack-carrying totes. They have lunch boxes and super cute cloth napkins, too. Go Graze!

xo - Sarah (www.sarahis30andcounting.blogspot.com)

**different Erica from Jen's 'Erika'. Both adorable, but unique in her own way.
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