Guest Post: Good Morning, Millet!

Breakfast demands (non-negotiable!): quick, filling, gluten-free, vegan, tasty
The solution: left-over millet? Hmm......

I know you may not wake up craving the left-over grain from last night's dinner, but trust me - it can be a great way to start the day. It's already cooked, it's versatile, and with a few easy toppings, it meets all our morning meal demands.

Here's what you'll need:

Good Morning, Millet!

1cup cooked millet*** (totally flexible measurement here, gage it by how much you've got left and how hungry you are)
almond, rice, soy, whatever milk you like
gluten-free granola
nuts (whatever you've got on hand!)
pinch of salt, dash of honey, agave, or 100% maple syrup

Pour your milk of choice over the millet, enough to coat - if you like it soupy, add more, if not, add less.

Microwave for 90 seconds (or heat it stovetop if you're not a microwaver).

Once your millet-milk mixture is warmed to your liking, top it with the granola, nuts, raisins, syrup - mix and match as your taste and pantry allow.

Doesn't get much easier than that!

***Millet is great, but this breakfast works with quinoa and brown rice, too! All about using up those left-overs!!

What are you eating for breakfast? Send us your favorites, we'd love to hear from you! happyhealthybelly@gmail.com

Also, for more great breakfast options, check out Alicia Silverstone's thekindlife.com - she has a great community breakfast gallery!

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