Pyramid of Health

On Facebook yesterday, I stumbled upon this terrific food pyramid for holistic wellness:

It's such a great visual and really simplifies the ideal way to eat.  The key word being "ideal."  I mean, seriously, can I have the life that goes with that food pyramid??  It seems like that life would be full of singing and hugs and sunrise trips to catch waves.  Not a bad thing to strive for but on the off chance that your life involves things like traffic and obligation, I found this much more realistic food pyramid from Dr. Andrew Weil:

The pyramid, while still geared towards curbing inflammation, takes into account that your path might cross a little wine and chocolate every once and a while.  If you have a minute, click HERE to view the pyramid on Dr. Weil's site.  He has a cool feature where, if you scroll over different parts of the pyramid, he gives examples of healthy choices in each category and goes into detail as to why each food is important.  It's really neat.

-♥ J :)

P.S.  This is where I get my protein.
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