Salad Sundays

A couple of weeks ago, while enjoying a three hour layover in the Cleveland airport, I ate one of the saddest salads...ever.  It was so sad that it practically looked up at me and said, "Yeah.  I'm your salad.  I'm sorry."  As I picked at the wilted, depressed lettuce, I had the thought, "If this is what people think salad is, no wonder no one wants to eat it!!"  So in the hopes of rebranding salad and giving it a fresh, sexy allure, I am starting a new feature on the blog called Salad Sundays.  Every Sunday I will highlight a snazzy, happy salad in the hopes that it will inspire you to bring a little salad love and joy into your week.

This week's salad is brought to you courtesy of one of my favorite LA restaurants: Tender Greens.  It is the Tuna Nicoise salad with NO TUNA, NO EGG, sub GRILLED VEGGIES.  (They don't even get mad at you when you order it that way.  Love them Tender Greeners!!)  If you want to recreate this yumminess in your own kitchen, you will need:
  • mixed greens
  • tomatoes
  • capers
  • olives
  • assorted grilled veggies of your choice (Tender Greens salad pictured above has green beans, brussels sprouts, yams, parsnips and cauliflower.  They change the veggies according to what is in season. )
  • roasted fingerling potatoes (recipe HERE)
  • sherry vinaigrette (recipe HERE)
Toss all the ingredients together and enjoy!!!  Happy Salad-ing!!!

-♥ J :)

P.S.  Haven't forgotten about our Crazy Sexy Diet.  Today is Day 1 of "Wean Week."  I'll explain more tomorrow.
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