Tone it Up! on the Beach

Happy first day of summer!!  I would love to celebrate this most glorious of seasons by heading to the beach for a workout followed by a swim and a few of these.  However, that plan might be totally slightly unrealistic for a Wednesday afternoon.  At least with this COWABUNGA! Total Body Toning workout from the Tone it Up! girls I can pretend I'm at the beach.

The girls perform this workout on surfboards, but my living room floor will have to do for today.  Only ten minutes long, this is a great video when you are pressed for time.  You can also repeat it three times for a full body workout.  Sadly, a follow up swim and cocktails are not included. (sigh)

-♥ J

P.S. If on the off chance you are headed surf side this afternoon (lucky you!), here is a printable version of the workout for you to take with you.  

P.P.S. For more fun (and free) Tone it Up! workouts, check out their YouTube channel.
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