There Will Be Blood

Back when I was a young co-ed living in New York City, one of my favorite things to do on a Friday night was to meet my friends Sarah and Erin at Barnes and Noble.  We would hunker down in a corner and read all of the books that we were too broke to buy while pounding decaf lattes until we got bored and/or kicked out of the the store.  Ah, the wild life I have led…

One night Sarah, a criminal justice major, was reading a book on serial killers.  I was reading something by Deepak Chopra and Erin was perusing a diet book.   Throughout the evening, one of us kept screaming out in horror.  "No!!  This is SO terrible!!  Why, God?!  WHHHYYYY?!?"  You might assume that the girl gobsmacked by the world's cruel underbelly would be Sarah.  You would be wrong.  Sarah was contentedly flipping through her serial killer book with only the occasional, "Hmmm…he put him in the freezer."  No, the anguished shrieks were coming from Erin.  You see, the diet book that Erin was reading claimed that, depending on your blood type, there are certain foods that you should eat and certain ones that should be avoided. She was not pleased with what the book had to say...

Erin: "It says I'm supposed to eat mutton!!!"
Me: "Who cares?!  You're a vegetarian.  Just ignore it."
Erin: "I can't ignore it!!  What if the reason I can never lose any weight is because I don't eat mutton???"
Me: "That is ridiculous.  It's just a book.  Besides you don't need to lose any weight."
Erin: "I can't believe this!!!  I'm going to have to start eating meat!!  This is awful!!!"
Sarah: "Hey…Do you guys want to see a body without a head?"
Me and Erin: "NO!!"

Three weeks passed with Erin miserably force feeding herself all the foods she hated: tuna, beef…mutton.  When I asked her how felt she swore up and down that she noticed a difference and that the diet was working.  Then her company had a blood drive….where Erin found out that she was not the blood type that she originally thought.  She was not the "mutton" blood type.  She was the blood type that was "supposed" to be a vegetarian.  The power of suggestion was so strong that Erin thought that she felt great and was losing weight even though she was eating the "wrong" foods.   It was then that I dismissed the concept of blood as a nutritional guide.

Until last week. Last week I happened upon some articles about blood type on the KORA Organics Blog.  Some of the information seems spot on.  On the other hand, maybe it's purposefully vague to make it seem as if it applies…like a nutritional horoscope.  Read the articles below and let me know what you think.  Does any of the information ring true for you???  Fear not…mutton is not mentioned anywhere.

-♥ J :)

-Type O
-Type A
-Type B
-Type AB
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