BabyCakes Donut and the Best Laid Plans

If I'm being honest, I had planned to share it with John.  If I'm being completely honest, I had bought it FOR John.  I meant to eat my vegetable sushi and call it a day.  I blame the donut.  It was just sitting there, all perfect looking with it's "Hello Jen, I'm vegan and gluten-free and soy-free and egg-free and full of goodness and light and how are you today???" swagger.  One bite turned to many bites and suffice it to say the BabyCakes NYC donut, that I so thoughtfully bought for my loving husband at Erewhon, didn't make it out of the parking lot.  I'm so ashamed!!!  Look away I tell you…look away!!!

Eh.  I'm not that ashamed.  I'll go buy him another one today.  This time I'll put it in the trunk for the long drive home.  That way I won't hear it's seductive voice calling out to me.  

For those of you unfamiliar with the crack heaven that is BabyCakes NYC, I'll sum it up like this:  BabyCakes NYC is proof that God loves vegans.  You can read all about them and their mission statement HERE.  BabyCakes has bakery locations in NY, Orlando and LA, but you lucky LA folk can also get your fix at Erewhon which just started selling their cupcakes, cookies and donuts galore.  BabyCakes does deliver (which would make a fantastic holiday gift, don't you think??), but you can also make your own using one of their COOKBOOKS (a great gift, too).  You will definitely be the most popular person at your Thanksgiving celebration if you waltz in with your own homemade BabyCakes goodies.  Assuming they make it out of the parking lot...

-♥ J :)
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