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Happy first day of fall, Veggies!!!  How will you celebrate the new season???  I will be welcoming fall by drinking some beet juice, attempting to make butternut squash and watching this movie:

I will not, however, be donning any flannels or knee-high boots (like these…sigh) since it is still an impressive 80 degrees in LA.  Silly LA.  Anyway, the debate in my brain about doing a fall detox rages on.  These inspiring (and hilarious) responses to Wednesday's post may wind up being the deciding factor.  

Anthony wrote:

"Hey Jen Jen! Thanks for the mention in your blog! I made it 20 days with only juicing.  My cholesterol dropped 160 points and my blood sugar 5 points and I'm down 21 pounds and still counting. I actually crave the juice now.  I dare say that the thought of pizza makes me sick (please god forgive give me)."

Cara posted on Facebook:

"I just bought a juicer, so I am very excited about integrating that into how I eat. It makes eating so much easier on the days when nothing sounds good and I don't feel like chewing. (Yes, I have a number of those days.)" 

And my brother, Sean, texted me the following:

"I'm quitting dairy for a week.  I better sh*t rainbows."

What do you think?  Fall detox or (vegan) apple pie with mulled cider?  Hmmm...maybe both.  I'm giving myself until Monday to figure out the "Hows" and "Whys" but until then….

I want to hear from you, Veggies!!!  I am taking requests.  What do you want to talk about??? Right now in the request queue are pleas for a thorough gluten explanation and more recipes with lentils.  Email me, tweet me, post on the Happy Healthy Belly Facebook page.    Anything you want to see a post about…let me know!!!  
Happy Weekend!!!

-♥ J :)
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