Slimware Portion Control Plates

Remember my New Year's resolution to eat more civilized portions of food?? Well, these Slimware portion control plates just might do the trick.  Usually portion control plates, with their cartoon food pictures and food dividers, look like something a toddler would use.  These plates are so pretty and stealth you could serve them at a swanky dinner party and no one would be the wiser.  The plates are divided into three sections: vegetables, protein and carbs.  
You just place the amount of food over the corresponding section and you have perfectly portioned meal without any measuring or guess work.  Keep in mind if you are following food combining rules and want to eat a flesh protein, you should eliminate the carb section and replace it with vegetables.  To find out more about Slimware and their other products (like pre-measured bowls and fun Count Me Healthy Jewelry) click HERE.

-♥ J

P.S. More portion control tips HERE.
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