The Simple Summer Strip Down

That's right, Baby.  I'm taking it all off.

All the funk, bunk and junk in my trunk is going to be chipped, stripped and shipped to the land of "not gonna be needing this no more."  I am getting down to the nitty-gritty.
For the next 21 days my mission is this:


We make so many things in life more complicated than they need to be.  And it's exhausting.
Buy this.  Wear that.  Eat this.  Do this.  Don't do that.  The din of the never-ending stream of chatter in this world has reached such epic proportions that people no longer know what they want or who they are or why they do things.  We just march along, shuffled from one task to the next, completely out of tune with our own natural instincts and vulnerable to any snake oil salesman who demands our attention.

And beyond all that….
It's summer for the love of Buddha!  We need to chill-ax!

So, let's start here.
Or not.

That is how low key this detox is going to be.  
I'm not even going to do my usual grovel and beg routine to get you to do this with me.  
I'm just going to tell you what I'm doing.  And then the choice is yours…

Do it.
Don't do it.
I'll love you anyway.

And, as always, please remember that, because we are all unique snowflakes with unique bodies, hearts and minds that have very unique needs, one should always consult with a medical professional before undertaking any new nutrition program. 

Alright, Veggies.
Let us begin with my favorite topic…FOOD.

Poor misunderstood Food.  Talk about a subject that has been overcomplicated.  Everyday there is a new study, press release, talk show chat devoted to what we should or shouldn't be eating.  And yet most of this "helpful"  discourse only leaves us mired in confusion and angst.  Many an ice cream binge is born from the frustration of trying to do the right thing only to be met time and time again with failure.

Let's stop all that.
Let's just eat food.

You remember food. 
It doesn't have an ingredient list or a fancy package.
It doesn't have a PR agent to convince you of it's "health" claims.
It looks the same on your grocer's shelf as when it was pulled from the ground or picked from a tree. 
It can save your life.

Yeah, let's eat that.
A typical day of eating on the detox will look like this:

20-40 oz. green juice or several low sugar fruits (berries, apples, pears)
BIG salad with avocado and all the veggie toppings my little heart desires
1/2 a plate of vegetables, 1/4 plate vegan protein (beans, lentils, tofu, chickpeas), 1/4 plate gluten free starch (brown rice, quinoa, potatoes)

This food map is simple, cheap and even easy to follow while eating in restaurants.

"But what about snacks?!?  Dessert?!?!   Jen, I eat meat!!!!"

If you want a snack, try a handful of nuts or some raw veggies with hummus.
If you have to have dessert, try a small piece of dark chocolate or 1/4 cup coconut ice cream.
If you eat meat, have your dinner meal be 3/4 of a plate of vegetables and 1/4 meat.

But aren't we all just a tad obsessed with those things.  We act as if we can't live without snacks and dessert and meat.  Like we have to have those things everyday.  Maybe we don't.  Maybe if we simplify our palate and actually nourish our bodies, when we have those things once in a while they will become even more pleasurable.  
It's worth a try....

Ok, I've yabbered enough for one day.  I'll leave you with this recipe (a.k.a. my dinner tonight) from Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Diet.  And don't forget to LIKE the Happy Healthy Belly Facebook page so that we can chat, swap recipes and share ideas.  Happy Veggin'!!!

-♥ J :)

Kris Carr's Buddha Bowl
-1 cup cooked quinoa
-chopped garlic 
-braggs liquid
-black pepper
-a touch of flax oil
Mix ingredients together and enjoy with a side salad.

*For a detox shopping list click HERE.
**Mark Bittman lost 35 pound just by eating vegan until 6pm.  Now that is simple.  Read more about that HERE.
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